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There are several types of commercial roof systems that are commonly used in commercial buildings. All these systems can be installed on both residential and industrial properties. They differ in their installation techniques and use different materials. Here are some examples of the types:

The first is metal panel roof systems, which are also referred to as TPO and EPDM. These systems are commonly used for commercial buildings such as hotels, resorts, shopping malls, office buildings, and parking structures. It includes the four types of panels that are made of metal sheets. There are five types of metal panel roof systems including the Modified Bitumen Membranes as in TPO, the single-ply Modified Bitumen Membrane System, the Modified Bitumen Membrane System with EPDM joints, and the Multi-ply Membranes.

The second is a type of roof system that uses modified bitumen that can be sprayed onto the roof. There is a coating applied over it that acts as a lubricant to reduce any friction between the bitumen and the roof. The main disadvantage of this system is that the roof must have a smooth surface and there are times when the roof will crack due to pressure differences with the bitumen coating.

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Kitchener Affordable Roofing flat roof repair
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Kitchener Affordable Roofing flat roof repair

The third is the Multi-ply Membrane System and is commonly referred to as both TPO and EPDM. This is a form of a roof system that combines the two types. The TPO is a type of metal panel system that involves one layer of the metal material, one layer of tar-based liquid, and another layer of a water-based liquid. The TPO also contains the TPO joint which helps seal the membrane.

The fourth is the Modified Bitumen Membrane System and is widely used as a residential roof system. These membranes are used to create a barrier to reduce moisture in the roofing system. It also comes with the TPO joint. This system provides the same benefits as that of the above.

The fifth is the single-ply membrane system. This type of roofing membrane system is the most commonly used for commercial applications. It is also known as a TPO membrane.

This type of roofing membrane uses rubber gaskets or latex for its support. The rubber gaskets are known to reduce water infiltration, and evaporation as well as providing an additional seal and waterproofing.

The above mentioned are just some of the types that are available in the market and the more common ones used for commercial purposes. They are designed to provide excellent quality and protection to the roofs. 

It is very important to go with the right professionals and not take chances with your property’s safety. We have been in the business for more than ten years. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and you will be assured of our expertise.

One of the main reasons why people choose commercial roof systems is because they offer more flexibility when compared to traditional systems. This means that they can be installed in a shorter period of time. If you want to choose the best, call the experts at Kitchener Affordable Roofing to have your commercial flat roof serviced.